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      Javier Glisser Silberman; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Alodok Your Doctor One Click Away. We Give Patients Whenever Wherever On-demand Access To Real Time Virtual Consultations With Certified Physicians. Alodok Your Doctor One Click Away. We Give Patients Whenever Wherever ...
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      Babybe, Be With Your Baby 

      Camilo Andres Anabalon Alamos; MATHIAS ANDRES PERSICO SAN MARTIN (2013-11-22)
      Reestablishing the Connection Between the Mother And Her Premature Baby While He is Inside the Incubator Machine
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      Beagle Bioinformatics 

      Vinicius Rhm Coutinho; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Beagle Bioinformatics is a Startup Created To Reduce the Technological Gap Between the Biological And Computer Sciences. This Distance Has Increased Substantially With the Amount Of Data Generated With the Advancing Of ...
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      Jose Maria Hurtado Larrain; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Bioparaiso is a World-class Biotechnology Facility For Outsourcing And Incubating Biotechnology Startup Companies. We Use a New Model - Combining Close-ended Biotechnology Research Outsourcing And Startup-incubation - ...
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      Pablo Gustavo Sabbatella; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Buscoturno. Com is An Online Appointment Booking System For Healthcare Professionals In Latin America Able To Integrate With Several Booking Management Systems. The Service is Free Of Charge For Patients And Paid For the ...
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      Cell Therapy 

      Daniel Ignacio Silva Vargas; HORACIO ALBERTO MELO TORRES (2013-03-31)
      Cell Therapy is revolutionizing the aesthetic medicine market byinexpensively isolating your own stem cells so that they can repair you face&#039,s agedskin. While most current procedures use fillings fat grafts and the ...
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      Ting-chih Shih; ASTRID CECILIA BORGNA PUELLE (2013-11-22)
      Clickmedix Provides one-click-health We Are the Intelligence Inside Mobile Telemedicine And Care Management Solutions To Enable Doctors To Serve More Patients In Less Time And Significantly Reduce Both the Cost Of Providing ...
    • Diabeto 

      Shreekant Manohar Pawar Shreekant Manohar Pawar; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-11-22)
      Diabeto is a Non-intrusive Bluetooth Powered Hardware Device Which Enables the Transfer Of Glucose Readings From Glucometer Into An Android Device. The Readings Can Then Be Analyzed With the Help Of An Android Application ...
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      Joaquin Andres Blaya Sahli; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2012-06-08)
      In Latin America chronic diseases including diabetes hypertension and asthma are the highest cause of death and are increasing every year. In Chile 9.4% of the adult population has diabetes and they consume 25% of all ...
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      Entac Medical 

      William Gustav Johnson; Astrid Cecilia Borgna Puelle (2013-11-23)
      Entac is Developing Medical Devices For Predictive And Diagnostic Medicine Based On a Novel Audio Spectral Analysis Technology. Its First Application is a Late Stage Device That is Clinically Proven To Predict Post-operative ...
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      Galeno Plus 

      Daniel Efrain Silberman Labunsky; Mathias Andres Persico San Martin (2013-12-19)
      Galeno Plus is a Cloud Based Platform That Allows Doctors To Complement Their Current Practices By Offering Patients Remote Virtual Consultations Using Secure Web-based Video-conferencing That is Integrated To the Patient's ...
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      Green Biofactory 

      Daniela Andrea Fuentes Flores; ASTRID CECILIA BORGNA PUELLE (2013-11-22)
      We Are Green Biofactory Ltda a Chilean Company Which the Main Interest is Create Proalgae® a Modified Microalgae That Allows the Production Of Proteins With Commercial Value In a Large-scale System.
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      Erika K. Andreson; Ignacio Henderson (2011-12-05)
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      Hbu For Health 

      Guillermo Canessa Fresno; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Production And Commercialization Of Flour Made Of Hull Of Grape (hbu) a Sub-product Of Wine Industry With High Content Of Fibers And Natural Antioxidants Mixed With Wheat Flour And Other Ingredients In Different Proportions ...
    • HealthBox 

      Francisco Javier Letelier Ballocchi; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-08)
      HealthBox is the first healthcare platform devoted in engaging patients on their healthcare by providing personalized medical information. HealthBox encourages patients to produce the behavioral changes needed to solve ...
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      Veronica Margarita Gonzalez Cifuentes; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2013-12-19)
      We Develop Fluorescently Labeled Antibodies For the Diagnostics And Life Science Research Industries. Our New Low Production Cost Technology is Based On the Novel Combination Of Fluorescent Quantum Dot Nanoparticles And ...
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      Jose Bernardo Arrospide Hilbck Jose Bernardo Arrospide Hilbck; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Inovet Engages In Business-to-business Veterinary Product Distribution For the Rapidly Growing Brazilian Veterinary Market. Inovet Will Also Operate a Leading Pet Health Information Website For Brazilian Pet Owners. Inovet ...
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      Ryan Christopher Hermens; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Laminarbio Provides State-of-the-art Microfluidic Rapid-prototyping Services And Control Equipment For the Latin American Markets. Worldwide Microfluidic Devices For Applications In the Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology ...
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      Lince Labs - Amniofilm 

      Rodrigo Saa Maldonado; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      First Chilean Ophthalmologic Bio Technology Center Focused On Medical Research And Application. Our First Two Products Are Amniofilm (humane Amniotic Membrane) And Biotears (authologic Suerum)
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      Med Sensation 

      Fransiska Putri Wina Hadiwidjana; HORACIO ALBERTO MELO TORRES (2013-03-03)
      At Med Sensation we firmly believe in the importance of human touch as component of medical diagnosis. We provide way for developing medical technologies to seamlessly integrate with the timeless physician-patient ...