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      Francisco Pasquini; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-31)
      Aiotra is a creative social platform for creating advertising content.Wewill deliver video and graphic content created by our creative community of writersfilmakers animators graphic designers art directors and others under ...
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      Nabil Meralli; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Chuzer is a Decision Making Tool Enabled Via Sms Iphone And the Web. When Making An Important Purchase Decision One Can Use Chuzer To Get Recommendations From Experts In Their Social Network On Just About Anything For ...
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      Maximiliano Alan; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      It is the First Smartphone Application In Latin America That Allows Measuring the Rating Of Tv Audience. For Users is a Social Network To Share Their Tv Preferences And Interact With Friends And Family About Tv Programs. ...
    • Cranberry Chic 

      Maria del Pilar Matte Capdevila; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Cranberry Chic is a Social Platform For Women To Share Their Looks And the Apparel That They Like Allowing Them To Buy And Sell It Too. At the Same Time It Empowers Fashion Brands To Connect With Their Consumers Through ...
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      Croak. It 

      Srinivasa Teja Nemana; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2013-12-19)
      Croak. It Allows Users To Discover Collect And Convey Thoughts And Expressions On-the-go Over Voice In 30-second Audio Snippets Called croaks . Croak. It Allows People To Speak On the Internet.
    • Deemelo 

      James Rochabrun Custodio; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Deemelo is Latin America s First Social Food Network Where the More Experiences Shared the More You Win. Accumulate Points For Your Virtual Social Interactions And Exchange Them For Real Discounts And Prizes.
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      Paolo Privitera; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2012-04-18)
      Pick1 is a technology platform. Specifically in a tweet pitch it s a real-­-time geolocalized entity graph to collect aggregate and share unique online opinions while increasing consumer engagement with brands .While ...
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      Noah Aron; HORACIO ALBERTO MELO TORRES (2012-04-18)
      The advent of the internet high quality digital cameras and video and travel sharing sites are driving amateurs to get off the beaten track and experience things from new perspectives. Travel and tourism is on the cusp of ...
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      Stanislav Bugaev; Illya Havrylov; Olga Reimgen; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-11-22)
      Epiclist Captures All Your Achievements Instantly Into a Mobile And Beautiful Journal. Live Dreams Plan And Capture Your Actions Collaborate With People Around You. Whether Your Goal is the Next Marathon Roadtrip In New ...
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      ESN, The Global Export Social Network 

      Faiza Hajji; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-31)
      ESN is a global social network bridging the gap between SMEslooking to expand their market (export abroad) and worldwide ambassadors withcommercial expertise searching for new challenges.
    • Feedback-machine 

      Claudia Baptista Antunes; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-11-22)
      Find Out What Your Customers Think And Say About Your Product Or Service And Provide Them An Even Better Experience Next Time. Also Create a Closer And Stronger Relationship To Them And Be Exposed To New/ Potential Customers ...
    • Fit With Friends 

      June Michelle Avila; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Fit With Friends is a Web-based Application That Promotes Daily Fitness Through Through Friendly Competition Within Peer Groups At Work Or School. Participants Are Presented With a Daily Fitness Challenge To Complete To ...
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      Flipxing. Com 

      Nicolas Cabrera Reina; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      An Eco-friendly Initiative To Bring Bartering Back To Life. A Free Location-based Service To Trade Goods In Your Area. Use Flipxing. Com To Find Stuff Nearby And Trade Them For Something You Want With Friends And Neighbors. ...
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      Alexandre Santangelo Thome; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      We Have All Experienced This Moment Before. You Walk Into a Wine Store And An Intimidating Wall Of Wines Stares Back At You. Gulp is a Mobile Wine Recommendation App Designed To Help You Make Purchasing Decisions In That ...
    • Inaika 

      Magdalena Szuszkiewicz Ptak; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      A Quick Intuitive Online Platform That Lets You Find the Inspiring Instructors Your Friends & Networks Loved. View Their Rankings Watch Their 3 Min Pitch Video View the Availability And Book Right Away Alone Or Sharing ...
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      Juan Pablo Barrientos Lagos; ASTRID CECILIA BORGNA PUELLE (2013-11-22)
      Kewen Helps You To Increase Your Audience Traffic And Engagement By Adding Real Time Social Media Conversation In Your Website In Just a Few Minutes To Make Content And User Engagement Go Viral Without the Need Of Setting ...
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      Rodrigo Culagovski Rubio; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-15)
      KidKidBangBang.com is a private online photo album where you can save and enjoy your kids pictures forever.
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      Kijamii Village 

      Brian Bigelow; Ignacio Henderson (2011-12-05)
    • Knowrom 

      Anushka Isurunie Carmel Fernando; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-11-22)
      Share What You Know And Ask What You Don't About Educational Institutes At Www. Knowrom. Com
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      Laredchina. Com 

      Consuelo Valdez Mingramm; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Laredchina. Com Integral Solution For the Spanish Speaking Community With An Interest In China. Want To Travel Network Make Friends Do Business Find a Restaurant Catch Up With Latest News Or Know More About Daily Life In ...