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      Patrick Kedziora; Ricardo Catalán González (2012-01-18)
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      Nischal Shetty; Konrad Fernández Krzeminska (2011-12-05)
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      Day Zero Project 

      Michael Green; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2012-01-18)
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      Kyle Pearce; HORACIO ALBERTO MELO TORRES (2012-05-23)
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      José Moura; Mónica Poblete Vicuña (2011-12-05)
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      Barrett Steven Mcbride; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-06-04)
      Over the next 39 years cities worldwide will have to accommodate an additional 1.6B people. As density increases cities are forced to become efficient with given resources and turn to local communities for answers to local ...
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      Rapazapp Interactive Studios 

      Carlos Reinaldo Becerra Castro; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-04-18)
      RapaZapp is a full service white label interactive media and outsourcing development company whose goal is to offer leading services and technology for digital interactive entertainment media mobile devices and social ...
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      Edrizio de la Cruz; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-04-27)
      Problem: Remittances are the main source of income for most families in Latin America ( LAC ) with relatives abroad. However remittances are largely an offline activity which is expensive and burdensome. There is no ...
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      Diego Alcaíno; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-06-04)
      WESYNC is a way to build and experience collective and emotional storytellings through videos and photos perfectly synchronized in time.The main problem is that today no search engine provides all the multimedia generated ...
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      Eduardo Labarca; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-05-23)
      Our company is about to open a window to oceans for humanity. From your iphone or web browser you will be able to real time dive with sharks whales turtles and millions of amazing creatures. Exploring and discovering a ...