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      Austral 3d - Virtual Training 3d 

      Francisco José Muñoz Corcés; Astrid Cecilia Borgna Puelle (2013-12-19)
      Make Inductions And Training Of Operation And Maintenance Of Industrial Plants (mining Forestry Aeronautical Production) In a 3d Immersive Virtual Environment First Person. Change the Ppt By the Joystick And Your Notes For ...
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      Cam Per Farm 

      Juan Jose Soto Cortes; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-07-12)
      One camera per farm is a toolkit for farmers to take near infraredaerial pictures of their crop upload the images to an online platform and get a completereport about many characteristics of the crop like nitrogen concentration ...
    • Easy Vino 

      Hugo Filipe Bernardo de Magalhaes; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Easy Vino is Mobile Application That Helps Consumers Choose the Best Wine In Restaurants And Stores Combining Their Taste Preference Social Graph And Current Location Information. We Recommend Wine That Consumers Like And ...
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      David Franklin Gibson David Franklin Gibson; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Grindsmart is Advanced Minerals Processing Control Room Software Designed To Increase Minerals Processing Plant Production Remove Processing Inefficiencies And Slash Energy Consumption.
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      Innoveco (australia/ Chile) 

      Pavel Spiridonov; ASTRID CECILIA BORGNA PUELLE (2013-11-22)
      Innoveco (australia/ Chile) is An Innovative Technology Provider. We Offer a Complex Approach To Various Aspects Of Ion Exchange Technology And Materials. Those Include the Processes Of Recovering Valuable Metals Removing ...
    • Koopters 

      Ignacio Parada; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      We Are Focused On Bringing Complete Uav (unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Solutions To the Agricultural And Mining Industries Among Others.
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      Material Mix 

      Allison Lyn Carmen; Cristopher Charles Degroat; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-11-22)
      Material Mix Monetizes the Trade Of Recyclables. Our Mission is To Become the Global Standard For Sustainable Materials Management By Providing: - Marketplace Efficiency And Benchmark Pricing - Comprehensive Automated Waste ...
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      Productos Aguazul 

      Kevin Cloutier Woolley; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-02-26)
      Productos Aguazul seeks to become the global leader in point-of-use water treatment solutions. Initially it will design manufacture and distribute ceramic water filters. The company will develop its business model in Chile ...