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      1,2,3 Listo 

      Agustin Casal; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-02)
      123listo.com provides a market place for local services such as housecleaners DJ&#039,s or painters. It allows consumers to enter requests find and interactwith local businesses. We help users to easily connect with local ...
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      1000 Corks 

      Samuel Isaac Ockman; Mónica Poblete Vicuña (2011-12-05)
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      Shane Greenup; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-05-02)
      Immortal Outdoors aims to provide a complete map and guidebook to all outdoor recreational activities within a single intuitive user interface. To achieve this we have built a platform which uses social networking gamification ...
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      Margaret Klimen; Konrad Fernández Krzeminska (2011-12-05)
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      Bipinkumar Agravat; Konrad Fernandez Krzeminska (2011-12-05)
    • Admetricks 

      Felipe del Sol Fernández; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Admetricks Indexes Display Ads From the Most Visited Websites. Recognizes the Company Campaign Graphics Publishers Impact And Share Of Voice. Encourages Online Advertising Competition And Spending. Creates Standard And ...
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      Brittany Nicole Heller; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-05-26)
      AdStartr is an online marketplace that connects advertisers to acollection of web and mobile ad inventory from popular online publishers. We give ouradvertisers control allowing for easy customization purchase and monitoring ...
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      Agustina Sartori Odizzio; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Advicemetech is a Uruguayan Startup That Since 2010 Creates Technological Solutions Based On Innovation Creativity Responsibility And Enthusiasm. Our Product Advicemecosmetics Assists Consumers On Selection Of Adequate ...
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      Juan Pablo Marin Diaz; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Executive Summarybusiness Managers Usually Disregard Quantitative Analyses As Important Tools For Decision Making Strategic Planningor Business/consumer Insight Gathering. Some Companies On the Other Hand Pay a Lot To Hire ...
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      Pablo Ambram; Konrad Fernandez Krzeminska (2011-12-05)
      Financially responsible kids
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      Jorge Danilo Pizarro Vidal; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-12)
      AGRIMAPS is the first Social Global Agricultural Map . It is a powerfulplatform as well as a smartphone application that allows all participants of the agriculturedistribution chain to position themselves as well as promote ...
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      Ai merchant 

      Andreas Von Hessling; Ignacio Henderson (2011-12-05)
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      Philip Schilling; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2012-04-25)
      Excellent education pays off. International experience becomes more and more important. It’s an investment into everyone’s future career. Having just travelled through Spain in October this year to interview more than 60 ...
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      Francisco Pasquini; RICARDO CATALAN GONZALEZ (2013-03-31)
      Aiotra is a creative social platform for creating advertising content.Wewill deliver video and graphic content created by our creative community of writersfilmakers animators graphic designers art directors and others under ...
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      Alcanzar Solar 

      Nisar Shaikh; Ricardo Catalán González (2011-12-19)
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      Alec Manfre 

      Alec Lawrence Manfre; Konrad Fernández Krzeminska (2012-03-29)
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      Lars Louring Nielsen; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Alefant is a Social Learning Platform Where Children All Over the World Can Watch Educational Videos And Complete Tasks Produced By Teachers. Pupils Get Rewards When They Complete a Lesson And Their Progress is Monitored ...
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      Salvador Jose Achondo Larrain; MATHIAS ANDRES PERSICO SAN MARTIN (2013-11-22)
      Business Model Focused As Distribution Channel Of Basic Need Products In Bulk. Revolving Around Retail Sale Through Dispenser Machines In Returnable Packaging Reducing Prices Responding To the Problem Of Lack Of Liquidity ...
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      Javier Glisser Silberman; Horacio Alberto Melo Torres (2014-02-25)
      Alodok Your Doctor One Click Away. We Give Patients Whenever Wherever On-demand Access To Real Time Virtual Consultations With Certified Physicians. Alodok Your Doctor One Click Away. We Give Patients Whenever Wherever ...
    • Altocinco 

      Deven Shyamsunder Soni Deven Shyamsunder Soni; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
      Altocinco is a Data And Content-driven Comparison Platform That Helps Latin American Consumers Make Informed Decisions About What Products And Services To Purchase.