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Nombre Beneficiario: Javier Horacio Pajaro
Código del Proyecto: 2010-8695-INNOVA_PRODUCCION2010-8695
Instrumento - Línea de Financiamiento: Start-Up Chile - Emprendedores Globales
Objetivo General: Junar lets you extract data from the web, and keep it updated as a Data Stream. Track the data you care about, and arrange it into your own Dashboard. And the most important thing: its for free. Junar is a community-based website, in which users share the data they extract from the web. With this “”Wikipedia-collaborative”" approach, Junars users will benefit from having access to a huge and diverse catalog of data. No more browsing countless hours through search engines; simply go to Junar first! And if you found it elsewhere, share it with the community! Discover data like you never did before. How? Whenever you find data that you will love to keep track through Junar, just click on our bookmarklet and through a simple process you will tell Junar what is the data you will like to extract. Grab cells, columns, rows, entire sets of data,
Fecha: 2010-07-23
Costo total aprobado: 20000000
Aporte CORFO aprobado: 20000000
Región: RM Santiago
Tamaño Empresa: Micro Empresa
Sector ecocómico: TIC's
Materia: IT & Enterprise Software -

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  • Start-Up Chile - Emprendedores Globales
    Este programa busca atraer emprendedores de clase mundial en fase temprana para que inicien sus negocios en Chile, fortaleciendo el entorno del emprendimiento, apoyando la cultura de la innovación en nuestro país, y conectándolo con el mundo.

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