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Nombre Beneficiario: Roberto Rosenthal
Código del Proyecto: 2011-12228-INNOVA_PRODUCCION2011-12228
Instrumento - Línea de Financiamiento: Start-Up Chile - Emprendedores Globales
Resumen: BiometryCloud is a cloud based real solution for companies which need to match verify or validate data (picture audio video vectors etc.) against a know set. We provide web services APIs libraries and the backend for others to develop their business. This whole concept of pattern recognition of data gathered from mobile devices and its processed on the cloud in real-time is a unique offer for consumer based massive and scalable businesses focusing on their own value proposition and leaving the complexity of pattern recognition to a service provider company.We see a tremendous opportunity growth of speed bandwidth and penetration of wireless Internet allowing a real usage of cloud based computer power to solve problems of complex processing of video images or any vector data that comes from mobile devices. Also we see the fast adoption of
Objetivo General: Cloud based pattern recognition web-APIs for mobile devices. We specialize in facial recognition where we charge a monthly subscription fee dependent on the amount of faces enrolled. It's free for less than 50 users.
Fecha: 2011-10-27
Costo total aprobado: 20000000
Aporte CORFO aprobado: 20000000
Aporte Beneficiario aprobado: 2222222
Región: RM Santiago
Tamaño Empresa: Sin Retorno
Sector ecocómico: TIC's
Materia: Mobile & Wireless -

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