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Precisión Medicine Pfizer Chile

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Nombre Beneficiario: Pfizer Chile S a - Pfizer Inc.
Código del Proyecto: 2013-21602-1-INNOVA_PRODUCCION2013-21602-1
Instrumento - Línea de Financiamiento: Atracción de Centros de Excelencia Internacionales de I+D, CEI 2.0
Resumen: The Center Of Excellence Precision Medicine Pfizer Chile Would Be the First In This Category In Latin America And is Intended As a Reference Center In Molecular Diagnostics And Bioinformatics Providing Services To Other Countries In the Region. The Results And Data Generated Will Be Published And Will Be Comparable And Transferable To Other Similar Centers Located In Europe And the United States Generating Standardized Data To Support Different Types Of Studies And Publications Worldwide. The Mission Of the Ice Precision Medicine Pfizer Chile is To Deliver Technical Excellence In Precision Medicine From Latin America For the Benefit Of Cancer Patients Worldwide. The Vision Of the Ice Precision Medicine Pfizer Chile is To Deploy State-of-the-art Science And Unparalleled Regional Talent Development To Develop And Validate Molecular Platform
Objetivo General: Correlate Results Of Ctc Detection Ctc Molecular Profile With That Of Tumor Molecular ProfileDemonstrate That the Alk/ros Ngs Panel Can Be Used For Ctc Sample Molecular ProfilingDevelop An Alk/ros Next Generation Sequencing PanelDevelop And Validate Ctc Detection Technology For NsclcDevelop Orthogonal Concordance Testing Strategies For Alk/ros By Rtpcr And Fish To Validate the Detected Positive SamplesValidate the Alk/ros Ngs Panel With Nsclc SamplesThe General Objective Of the Precision Medicine Pfizer Chile is To Generate Novel And Breakthrough Knowledge On State Of the Art Molecular Diagnostic Platforms Such As Ngs And Ctcs For Scientific Advancement Of Nsclc Screening And Diagnostics. If Successful This Objective Will Pave the Way To More Effective And Efficient Detection Of Alk And Ros1 Mutations In Nsclc Patients Increasing Test Sensitivity And Overcoming Perhaps the Need For Highly Invasive Procedures Such As Biopsies Or Collection Of Lung Aspirates To Screen Patients That Would Benefit For Next-generation Personalized Medicines Such As Crizotinib. It is Certainly Critical To Keep In Mind That This Objective is Also Applicable To Multiple Cancers And Tumor Types Where Genomic Mutations Determine Disease Progression And Response To Therapy. In Fact the Establishment Of Effectiv
Fecha: 2013-06-13
Costo total aprobado: 88380
Aporte CORFO aprobado: 0
Aporte Beneficiario aprobado: 0
Región: RM Santiago
Tamaño Empresa: Gran Empresa - SIN RETORNO
Sector ecocómico: No aplica

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