Envíos recientes

  • Bcn School 

    Felipe Ignacio Oliva Lazzerini; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Bcnschool is Online Business School Designed To Offer Excellent Training Based On a Unique And Innovative Approach Focused On the Development Of Professional And Managerial Skills For Executives Of the Hispanic Community. ...
  • Rhyboo S. A 

    Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Suarez; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Rhyboo is a Social & Second Screen Platform To Make Watching Tv Listening Radio And Attending To Outdoors Events More Fun.
  • Broccol-e-games 

    David Vinh Huy Truong; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    We Solve the Problem Of Motivating Children To Learn Maths. We Do This By Creating Fun And Educational Games On Mobile Devices Like the Ipad And Iphone.
  • Meliuz 

    Israel Fernandes Salmen; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    We Take Our Consumers Beyond the Discounts Giving Back To Them Part Of Their Shopping Expenses In the Form Of a Cash Reward. On Meliuz One Will Find All Major Online Shops Of the Brazilian E-commerce Search For Products ...
  • Metrik 

    Danstern Jusid; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Metrik Studios is a New Approach To Market Research. It Specializes In Collecting High Quality Information From Costumers Through the Web And Social Networks Delivering Integrated Marketing Solutions And Strategic Management ...
  • Expediciones. Mx 

    Valeria Perez Rios Gomez; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Online Platform For Booking Adventure And Nature Traveling. Launched In Mexico In May 2012 We Group Service Providers (sp) To Make the Searching And Purchasing Process Easier For Customers. The Complete Platform Including ...
  • Nubelo 

    Jorge Araujo Müller Jorge Araujo Müller; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Nubelo is a Professional Networking Platform Which Main Objective is To Link Freelance Jobs With Professionals In Latin America Improving Any Company Hiring Process For Specific Projects To Be Developed. Several Key ...
  • Event 38 Unmanned Technology 

    Jeffrey Michael Taylor; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Event 38 Leverages Commercial Off the Shelf Solutions And Open Source Software And Hardware To Bring Purpose-built Robotic Solutions To the Commercial Sector.
  • Videovivo, Inc. 

    Ofer Baharav Ofer Baharav; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    An ebay For Live Video Solutions the App is a Marketplace For Selling And Buying User-generated Professional Services Via Video Such As: Legal Services Vet Screening Programming Lessons And Tutoring. The App Features ...
  • Scribz 

    Gael Henri Guillet; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Scribz is An Instagram For Storyboards: 3 Pictures a Few Captions For Storytelling And a Creative Template To Share the Storyboard And Make Short Stories About Everything.
  • Renersol 

    Luis Calvo; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Large Consumers Of Hot Water And Electricity Pay High Energy Prices. Unfortunately Most Of the Energy is Wasted In the Process Of Generation And Transportation. Renersol Delivers a Modular Onsite Cogeneration Solution ...
  • Videoflot 

    David Spácil David Spácil; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Video Changes the Way Of Human Communication We Change the Video. And How We Do It? We Are Building Videoflot Multiplatform Creative Playground And Job Server For Film And Video Creators Which Will Solve Their 2 Biggest ...
  • Startup Quest 

    Adam Boynton Kaye; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Startup Quest is Lynda. Com (or Teamtreehouse. Com) Meets Legalzoom. Com For First Time Entrepreneurs. Paid Subscribers Get Access To Our Gamified E-learning Platform Complete With a Library Of Video Lessons And a Full Set ...
  • Surftripmap 

    Simon Schuetz; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Special Interest Worldmaps And Products Centered Around Different Themes Such As Sports Travelling And Education. Products Include High Quality Prints Card Games And More. Surftripmap Lets You Discover the Things You Love ...
  • Recensus 

    Leonard Ian Richard Wei-tsen Austin; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    An Awesome Review Widget For Your Ecommerce Website. Recensus Provides Access To a Network Of Community Content That Ensure Your Products Always Have the Best Reviews.
  • Class On the Cloud - Education For Everyone 

    Xuan Linh Vu; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    An App-based Social Education Platform Where Lessons Are Sold For 99 Cents Each. The Platform is Open To All Teachers Facilitates Real-time Teaching In Addition To Recorded Lectures Has Progress Tracking And Gives Out ...
  • Treadalong 

    Siddharth Pavan Kumar Bharath; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Treadalong is An Application That Allows Users To Exchange Travel Experiences With Their Friends And Family In a Visual Manner Using Pictures And Stories On Interactive Maps.
  • Vo-fair 

    Paulina Rakowska; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Vo-fair (volunteering Fairly) Assures Transparency By Establishing a Strict Verification Process For Organisations Hosting International Volunteers. The Organisations Meeting the Vo-fair Criteria Are Listed On the Internet ...
  • Reachoo 

    Quynh Pham Quynh Pham; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    Reachoo Connects Sellers And Buyers With Video Classifieds To Make Transactions More Effective. Video Classifieds Are Much More Interactive Than Any Regular Classifieds Listing With Just Text And Images. When You Post a ...
  • Catech Sensor 

    Juan Hasfura Bascuñan; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez (2014-02-25)
    We Offer An Electronic Gas Sensor Device That Measures And Stores Gas Levels In a Memory For Agricultural Products Export By Sea. This Self-contained Portable And Disposable Device is Installed Inside the Shipping Container ...