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    Giuliano Velli; Giuseppe Giulio; Nicola Usala; Luis Eugenio Rebolledo Ortiz
    Babaiola is the First Travel Meta Search For the Lgbt Community. Babaiolahelps You Find All the Information About Your Favorite Destinations Localattractions (pubs Museums Etc. ) Gay-friendly Hotels And Cost-effectiveflight ...
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    Satta Project 

    Claudia Valdivia Arriagada; David Duarte Molina; Pedro Hugo de Queirós Alves; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez
    Satta is the First Latin America Advanced Music Streaming Platform Aimed At Helping the Consumer Discover New Music For Specific Moods Or Tasks While Promoting Upcoming And Rising Artists.
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    Antonio Augusto Hoffert Cruz Pereira; Cassio Rivadávia Delfino Cunha; Joao Pedro Veloso Malheiros; Rafael Carbone Vidal
    Coinaction is Bitcoin-based Platform Which Enables Instant Currencyexchange Transactions For Final Consumers In a Cheaper More Secure Andconvenient Way. We Establish a Connection Between You the Tourist And Aninternational ...
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    Diego Andres Cimoli; Diego Robertoforestieri; Astrid Cecilia Borgna Puelle
    Mieshop is a Market Place With Social Commerce Orientation In Which Users Recommend And Promote Products To Their Immediate Social Environment And Receive Cash Commissions For Those Sales That Thanks To Their Action Are ...
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    Francisco Migueldurand Bosch; Javier Goyret Sola; Sebastian Sajoux; Luis Eugenio Rebolledo Ortiz
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    Unicorn Tech 

    Valeria Nicole Maldonado Martinez
    We Provide a Platform And a Set Of Applications That Provide Digital Functions To Toyscompanies Kids Product And Licensing. Our Technology Allows Toy Manufacturers To Add Adigital Layer To Their Toys. It is a Highway To ...
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    The Everywhere Office 

    Alfonso Tinoco Moreno; Gerardo Vallarta Ortega; Martin Haiek; Cristobalmadrid Figueroa
    Teo Helps Flexible Teams Work In the Way They Are Most Productive By Giving Access To Workspaces To Focus Collaborate And Innovate Throughout the City Reducing the Rent Of Unnecessary Office Space.
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    Juan Ignacio Leblebici Zaourak
    Queremos Potenciar el Desarrollo de la Economía Naranja en Chile y Latinoamérica mediante el Desarrollo y Optimización de una Plataforma de Vinculación de Profesionales Freelance con las Demandas de la Industria Creativa.
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    Javiera Ignacia Vallejos Saldias
    Clickcard Brings Business Card To the Future With a Fast Contact And a Long Last Connection. Data And Metrics That Wasn't Before Available Are Shown To the Company.
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    Laine Kincaid Stewart; Paula Constanza Valdes Echeverria
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    Andres Cristian Fletcher Huidobro; Rossana Estefania Canessa; Susana Beatriz Acosta; Cristobalmadrid Figueroa
    Telecuidado is a Telemonitoring System For Elder Or Dependent People. Theinnovative Service Consists In a Wearable Device Connected 24x7 To Acentral Monitoring Unit That Receives Vital Signs Location And Signalsfrom the ...
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    The Tiket Ia 

    Cowork Labs Spa; Joussen Matias Arteaga Palma
    El Mundo Cambio y los Drivers de los Colaboradores en el Ecositema Laboral Quieren sobre Todo Tiempo. The Tiket es una Plataforma con Ia Colaborativa que Conecta la Demanda y Oferta de Servicios en Terreno para Usuarios Finales.
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    Opp. Io 

    Attila Bujdosó; Gergelyborgulya; Sebastian Lukas Herzinger; Rafael Carbone Vidal
    Opp. Io is a Meeting Minutes Tool That Helps Managers Follow Up Meetings. It Synchronizes Tasks Between Meeting Notes Team Members's Task List And Other Task/project Management Tools Like Wunderlist Trello Or Atlassian ...
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    Alina Kharina; Alnur Ichshanov; Ricardo Catalan Gonzalez
    Skillgravity is An Internal Employee Network That Helps To Reduce Costs Up To 50% On Hiring External Talents & Increase Retention And Engagement While Better Utilizing the Skill Sets And Expertise the Employees At Hand ...
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    Content On Demand 

    Kelechi Udoagwu; Tolulope Agunbiade; Maria Patricia Hansen Benavente
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    Commercial View 

    Catalina Giacomucci; Federico Carrizo; Cristobalmadrid Figueroa
    Co-net is a Local Community Network Support For Disasters And Emergencies Such As Earthquakes Fires Terrorist Attacks Floods. It is Based On An Application That Generates An Alarm And Delivers Reaction Protocols And ...
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    Tysdo - Things You Should Do 

    Pedro Velloso Lanna Vasconcellos; Raphael Castro Guimaraes Felicio; Roberta Velloso e Lanna Vasconcellos; Mathias Andres Persico San Martin
    O Tysdo - Things You Should Do - Torna Possível o Compartilhamento de Suas Experiências de Vida Através de Uma Lista de Desejos e Propõe Desafios Com Recompensas. O Mundo Está Lá Fora Recheado de Experiências que Dão Sentido ...
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    Bodyq Analytics 

    Jamica Rashay Greene; Tanisha Nicole Greene; Paula Constanza Valdes Echeverria
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    Daniela Montalbetti Rotman; Tania Goic Kusanovic; Alejandra Astargo Vega
    Mobile App That Connects People With Local Ngos Providing An Innovative And Democratic Way Of Donating: Funding Based On Sustainable And Healthy Movement. Users Will Choose the Ngo To Support And the App Will Automatically ...
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    Como Quiero Spa; Alejandra Astargo Vega
    Comoquiero is a Meal Planning Platform Were In a Few Clicks Users End With the Daily Question Of What´s For Dinner? And Have a 2 Week Meal Plan With the Grocery List Recipes And All the Necessary Ingredients In Their Front Door.