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dc.contributorMobilitas Spaes_ES
dc.contributor.advisorMARTIN ENRIQUE OJEDA GONZALEZes_ES
dc.description- Contact potential clients- Contact potential associates and distributors- Contact venture capitalists and business angels- Receive coaching from P&P executives- Investigate new markets and adjust business model and strategyes_ES
dc.description.abstractElevator Pitch: iKwest is an award winning platform for designing location-based mobile games combining outdoor treasure hunts the Da-Vinci-Code and Who wants to be a millionaire . It is a highly scalable solution but at the same time allows the creation of unique tailor-made experiences and therefore is the perfect tool to increase customer loyalty competitiveness and sales. As a B2B company with a pay-per-use model we will attract consolidated companies to join our worldwide network as associates and distributors in different markets such as tourism and corporate training. We are already up and running in Chile and England and by 2014 we aim to bring in $30 million USD annually.Market Validation: During 2010 we have successfully introduced iKwest in the Chilean market and more than 30 companies and over 2000 people from the tourism and trainig sectors have enjoyed an iKwest experience. In sales this translates to over US$ 40000. We have established a presence in the UK and are currently in conversations with over 30 potential associates in Europe and the USA who are keen to take iKwest to their clients.Problem: In the Organizational Development & Training (OD&T) industry outdoor programs are expensive and there is an important gap between diagnostics and the intervention itself (training program). Furthermore diagnostic instruments frequently are being answered with a lack of time and/or motivation producing unreliable results. In the Travel Industry traditional rigid tour programmes are being rejected by tourists who are looking for more autonomy and variety in the way they discover new destinations.Solution: In the OD&T iKwest is a novel learning tool which enhances proven methodologies by providing an outdoor experience at a fraction of the normal cost and in a very flexible way. It allows conducting real-time diagnostics (surveys) at the same time the training program is executed gathering valuable information for subsequent debriefing and coaching. It can be applied to other kinds of learning with enormous benefits to motivation and results.iKwest enables tourism companies to offer a great variety of flexible go as you please travel programmes at low cost and with high margins. They can also create games which are customized to its clients specific interests (vineyards history family tours etc) to increase competitiveness and customer loyalty. By taking advantage of the attraction of state of the art technology iKwest motivates even the youngest ones to engage in (family) activities converting boring tours into a playful learning experience.Technology: We have developed a highly scalable client-server application integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as cloud computing smartphones GPS and 3G-internet-connections. All the user-generated content is stored centrally on our servers and a lightweight und user-friendly client application (running on the user s smartphone) means that iKwest is a delight even to novices. Market Opportunity: According to the UNWTO the global export income generated by inbound tourism exceeds US$ 1 trillion. The contribution of tourism to economic activity worldwide is estimated at some 5%. The addressable market for our service in USA and Europe sizes US$ 2190 billion. The OD&T industry is worth US$ 126 billion in the USA and £3.14 billion in the United Kingdom.Why Invest: Both training and tourism industry are solid and growing markets. After successful experiences in Chile and receiving extremely positive feedback from potential clients worldwide iKwest is ready to take the next step and create a global presence and explore additional markets. Our management team has the necessary skills experience and passion to succeed.Competitive Advantages:1.The executive team has over 20 years of experience in the HR and IT industries which gives them a profound understanding of client needs.2.Both founders are serial entrepreneurs with previous start-ups (including failures and successes)3.Our product is a unique combination of physical and intellectual challenges with technology4.Cost-effective technology available worldwide 5.Thanks to our B2B model profitability is reached in the short term6.Flexibility of the platform allows future applications in additional markets (marketing education)Management Team: Heiko Linn Co-founder psychologist and programmer CEO of Mobilitas SpA. Co-founder of PsiTec a HR consulting firm which provides online assessment and questionnaires.Gonzalo Torrealba Co-founder of Mobilitas SpA business engineer CCO. CO-founder of Stressout a HR consulting firm dedicated to diminishing stress raising organizational productivity. Also Co-founder of TopMIND Chile a Marketing Company which provided Marketing Services for big companies.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipCorporación de Fomento de la Producciónes_ES
cf.beneficiario.actividadeconomicaAsesores y consultores en informática (software)es_ES
cf.beneficiario.razonsocialMobilitas Spaes_ES
cf.beneficiario.tamanoempresaPequeña Empresaes_ES
cf.comite.nombreCOMITE INNOVAes_ES
cf.costo.tipomonedaPESO CHILENOes_ES
cf.proyecto.instrumentoGlobal Connection - Aceleración Internacional de Emprendimientos Tecnológicoses_ES
cf.region.postulacionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.ejecucionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.impactoRM Santiagoes_ES

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