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dc.contributorTecnologia e Innovacion Lifeware Sociedad Anonima Cerradaes_ES
dc.contributor.advisorYeh Jindaniela Leees_ES
dc.descriptionObjectivesPlug and Play Tech Center is a technology start-up incubator in the heart of Silicon Valley. Today P&P support more than 300 startups and count with hundreds of partners to help their startups. We at Lifeware are aware of the many benefits of being located for 3 months on this location: United states is one of the country where more important is given to disabled people the properly tools that they need. Also United States is our chosen country with the greatest quadriplegic market. Therefore U.S. is the market more desirable to attack. That is why the Main Objective of the global connection program is:-Being capable of improve our business in order to accelerate the process of internationalization of Lifeware.To achieve this Main Objective Lifeware expects achieve other specific objectives too:-Strengthen the relationship with Emotiv systems our corporative partners and developers of EPOC hardware used by LifewareIntegra. The office of Emotiv is located on San Francisco. Therefore Lifeware has an excellent opportunity to deal an agreement with them.-Improve our business conception validating it at international level and update/correct the assumptions misconceived. Also validate channels distributions and different strategies on a not national environment.-Establish relationships with at least five rehabilitation institutions of United States. These relationships will let us know the results of LifewareIntegra on the patients of the rehabilitations institutions.-We will assist at least to five different congresses or trade fair in order to let rehabilitation professionals know about LifewareIntegra. -Let to the most important rehabilitation institutions of U.S. know about LifewareIntegra-We will contact assistive technologies distributors in order to find interested on distribute LifewareIntegra on U.S.-Get diffusion on different media to promote LifewareIntegra on U.S.-Have meetings to arrange a collaborative with government subsidies and health insurances at U.S.-Establish relations with people linked to assistive technology field and who may help us to join North American and European markets.es_ES
dc.description.abstractElevator pitchWe at Lifeware S.A.C. believes possible breaking down the barriers that disabilities impose on more than one thousands of millions people around the world. Lifeware S.A.C. expects brings disabled people closer to the society around them giving them more possibilities through the technology and its benefits. Therefore many physical disabled people will get access to social integration education and employment from their own homes through the use of LifewareIntegra software that enable the use of a computer and all its applications via brainwaves without the need of using hands. OpportunityAbout thousand million people around the globe which is the 15% of the global population suffer sore kind of disability. Blindness deafness mental problems or physical limitations regardless of the disability affecting a person this individual will be isolated to a lesser or greater degree from the world around them limiting their actions and possibilities making it nearly impossible to take actions so common and basic for most individuals such as communicating with other human beings getting educations or working to support their own personal expenses. In view of this seriousness situation the UN among the years 2000-2006 put an emphasis in generating an international convention with the objective of protecting and promoting the human rights of such groups. This convention implicates that every country belonging to the ONU has established their own laws that assure to address the deep importance of national capital that the necessary tools gives to disabled individuals. Inside these new legislations of each country they have constantly implemented the inclusion of technological access to the disabled population assuring to promote new adequate technologies for people with disabilities giving priority to those of accessible price . Around the world exist thousands of rehabilitation centers and foundations located in each city in the most of countries whose attend patients with disabilities. The purpose of spinal cord rehabilitation is to help the patient learn to live with quadriplegia and to make the best possible use of whatever abilities remain to be the most independent possible. On the last decade new technologies have been a fundamental support on the treatment of millions of disable people and the rehabilitation centers have been the first acquiring these type of technologies they have validated their functioning and also they have been the first ones looking for the way their patients can benefit from them. These centers and their patients also receive donations from companies who by their Corporate Social Responsibility have budget designated to donations to improve the quality of life of the communities. ProblemIn the specific case of quadriplegic people they are unable to move their limbs and their legs. Therefore they have more difficulties to use technologies as assistive solutions and so to improve their lives. According to an extensive study in USA by The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center the people who suffer quadriplegia are faced with expenses that reach an average of US$849041 per person in the first year. It means that disabled people need an investment to modify their environment to adapt it to their needs. These great expenses are assumed by the families the government health insurances or donations of enterprises.Company / SolutionLifeware S.A.C. is an enterprise that develops assistive solutions products that satisfice a real need of disabled people in order to improve their quality of life. Lifeware S.A.C. believes that news technologies could improve the opportunities of millions of disabled individuals integrating with the world around them. In this context the Lifeware S.A.C. s solution is called LifewareIntegra totally innovative software that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology to make the users´ physical limitations a non-issue enabling them to use a computer without the need of using hands. This is the reason of why Lifeware S.A.C. is self-confident of their growth in a short time. In the following document Lifeware S.A.C. presents their Business Plan which considers an investment required of USD$ 1.5 million in order to expand the business to 16 countries reaching 65008 users over the next five years which means post tax retained earnings of USD$ 18.7 million in this period. TeamThe Lifeware S.A.C. team is composed by eight members working at full time. The founders of the company Diego Cid Mario Ogalde Vega and Jorge Alviarez are responsible for different aspects of business especially software development. The CEO is Mario Ogalde Julio who has guided the company since its inception.Within the team there are also 3 members in the area of programming and 1 member in charge of manage different projects.es_ES
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