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dc.contributorBogdan Avrames_ES
dc.contributor.advisorHoracio Alberto Melo Torreses_ES
dc.descriptionTrough a simple and innovative online platform Community Cloud, claims to involve the community surrounding academic institutions (parents professionals and alumni) in solving the ever-existing problem of our youth: What do I want to do with my lifees_ES
dc.description.abstractRemember when you were in high school or college unsure of what you wanted to do with your life? We think we have the best solution: an interactive platform that links schools with communities around them. Community Cloud is based on the foundation that inside a community we can learn things from each other. We believe that everyone has valuable skills and knowledge to share and we are all eager to learn new things. Our personalized technology helps making the exchange of knowledge easy and fun. We focus on schools and universities and want to help them setup meaningful interactions between their students and the community around them: parents and professionals. Due to their experience in different professions child development and life in general members of the community can provide students with up-close and personal view of a wide variety of jobs and life changing decisions. Everybody gets involved and everybody enjoys the process. Our platform makes the process easy and fast 247 accessible online. Create profiles for the people who want to be involved invite all the students who might be interested to discover the insights of a profession to an open conversation make an yearly plan to cover a wide range of occupations keep the conversation going online allowing students to ask further questions ask for feedback and make your events get better every time. Our target market comprises of public and private schools high schools universities and governmental structures responsible for education. We intend to sell our platform trough direct sales and online sales considering potential distributor partnering for rapid expansion after initial feedback phase. Focused on the collaborative era of sharing information and know-how in small personal communities, Community Cloud will help schools better connect with society.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipCorporación de Fomento de la Producciónes_ES
dc.subjectProgramas educacionaleses_ES
dc.subjectSistemas de informaciónes_ES
dc.subjectConectividad digitales_ES
dc.titleCommunity Cloudes_ES
cf.beneficiario.razonsocialBogdan Avrames_ES
cf.beneficiario.tamanoempresaSin Retornoes_ES
cf.comite.nombreComité Innovaes_ES
cf.costo.tipomonedaPeso chilenoes_ES
cf.ejecutivo.nombreHoracio Alberto Melo Torreses_ES
cf.proyecto.instrumentoStart-Up Chile - Emprendedores Globaleses_ES
cf.region.postulacionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.ejecucionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.impactoRM Santiagoes_ES

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