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dc.contributorCells For Cells S. A.es_ES
dc.contributor.advisorPaola Amandablazquez Giraudoes_ES
dc.descriptionPut Potency Test Device For Cellular Therapy Products Into the Marketes_ES
dc.descriptionStrengthening Commercialization Strategies And Business Plan For the Potency Test Device.es_ES
dc.description.abstractThe Heterogeneity Of Mscs Due To the Presence Of Different Cells Makes Very Important the Development Of Novels Therapeutic Potency Tests To Characterize Adult Stem Cell Samples (scs). Our Proposed Product is a Cell Migration Device (potency Test: Stemfit) Where Mesenchymal Stem Cells (mscs) Samples And His Corresponding Cells Subpopulations Will Migrate On Presence Of Gradients Of a Particular Attractant Factor. This Device is Compounf For: a Cell Sample Load Chamber, a Migration Track Zone For Strengthening And Also Restringing the Course Of Cell Migration By Phsycal Elements, And Finally Parallel To Migration Tracks a Gradient Factor That Will Induce the Migration In a Defined Direction. The Target Costumer Of the Potency Test Device Are Stem Cell And Cell Therapy Companies For Research And Commercial Intended Use (private Cell Therapy Research Centers Universities Clinics And Hospitals) Because is a Specific Method Which Allow To Characterize Therapeutic Potency In Front Of Specific Pathologies Adding More Information To Therapeutic Products And Novel Developed Therapies. In Theory the Potency Test Will Allow To Make Therapies More Effective Improving Patient's Health Making Therapies More Competitive Respecting To Other That Don't Use the Potency Test. According To Fda There is Not a Potency Test In the Market And is a Outstanding Need In the Cell Therapy Field. Potency Measurements Are Designed Specifically For a Particular Product so This is the Main Reasons Why Our Research Team Presents As a Preliminary Product a Potency Test Device Intended To Use In Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Against Acute Kidney Injury (aki). Aki is Characterized By An Abrupt And Fast Reduction Of the Glomerular Function Rate Disroder In the Acid-base Homeostasis And No Capacity Of Excrete Nitrogen-based Products By the Kidney. The Aki Evolution Can Reach Critical Levels Within 48 To 72 Hours. On Hospitalized Patients At Icu Nearly 36% Of Patients Develops Aki With a Mortality Of 45%. In Chile te Number Of Uci Patients is Estimated In 80. 000/year Wich According To Data More Than 28. 000/year Will Develop Aki And Of Those 13. 000/year Will Probably Die In the Hospital. Another Potential Markets Can Be Related As: 1)stem Cell And Cell Therapy Companies (number Of Clincal Trials Using Stem Cells 4686 And Mesenchymal 338), Stem Cell Banking (450000 Cord Blood Collected Worldwide) Medical Team Expert In Cell Therapy (cord Blood Transplants Per Year Worldwide: 2. 000, Research Groups (number Of Research Publications Related With Stem Cells In 2012: 14371). During December 2013 C4c Will File a Patent Application For This Technology. Therefore This Go To Market Proposal is Aimed To Strengthen the C4c's Stemfit Development And Business Plan And Commercialization Strategy In Order To Boost This Technology Into Chilean As Well As Global Markets.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipCorporación de Fomento de la Producciónes_ES
dc.titlePotency Test For Stem Cell Therapyes_ES
cf.beneficiario.actividadeconomicaVenta al por mayor de otros productos N.C.P.es_ES
cf.beneficiario.razonsocialCells For Cells S. A.es_ES
cf.beneficiario.tamanoempresaMicro Empresaes_ES
cf.comite.nombreComite Innovaes_ES
cf.costo.tipomonedaPeso Chilenoes_ES
cf.ejecutivo.nombrePaola Amandablazquez Giraudoes_ES
cf.proyecto.instrumentoGo to Market 2013es_ES
cf.region.postulacionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.ejecucionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.impactoRM Santiagoes_ES

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