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dc.contributorUniversidad de Concepciónes_ES
dc.contributor.advisorPatricio Villagran Streeteres_ES
dc.descriptionContact Potential Investors That Might Be Interested In the Project.es_ES
dc.descriptionFind Potential Investors For Development And/or Commercialization Abroad That Can Help Make This New Product Available To the Market In Particular In California Wich Has Similarities Whith Chile In the Agro Field.es_ES
dc.descriptionReach Out For Potential Customers/client Get Their Feedback On the Product And Find One Filling To Make Field Trials With the New Product.es_ES
dc.description.abstractChile is An Important Country In the Wine Industry With Important Agricultural Challenges In Conserving Natural Resources Such As Water And Soil. The Product Consists Of a Biofertilizer Based On Native Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (am) Fungi Fron Chile. Am Fungi Are Harmless And Are Attached To the Roots Of Plants Giving Them Multiple Benefits Which Mainly Emphasizes Greater Absorptiom Of Water Nutrients Mainly N And P a Higher Rate Of Growth And Crop Yield It Also Increases Protection Against Both Pathigens Root Level As In the Aerial Part Of the Plant While Improving the Quality Of the Fruit Particulary In Its Antioxidant Content. This Biofertilizer Represents An Alternative To Traditional Chemicals (fertilizers Fungicides Pesticides) As It is In Any Case Contaminant Moreover Helps To Maintain Soil Structure Reducing Erosion Maintaining And Increasing Soil Fertility Especially In Poor Soils An Eroded so It Can Be Used To Develop Sustainable Agriculture. The Use Of Chilean Native Am Fungi Provides An Advantage For Crops For Being Developed For a Specific Crop Greatly Increases the Effectiveness Of the Product Achieving Better Results In Their Application. Then Of Conduct Research the Benefits Taht Am Fungi Granted To Plants Were Demostrated As Greater Absorption Of Water And Nutrients. The Results Also Suggest That Am Have Great Application In the Vineyards As They Could Improve And Differentiate Both Fruits And Wines. Given That the State Of California Has Shown To Have Similar Characteristics In Terms Of Agricultural Needs Crops And Climate Conditions With Support Of Sri As Facilitating Institution We Are Seeking To Expand Our Market Knowledge And Reach Out To Potential Customers/clients To Get Their Feedback On This Product And Find One Willing To Make Field Trials With the New Product.es_ES
dc.description.sponsorshipCorporación de Fomento de la Producciónes_ES
dc.titleBiofertilizer Based On Native Am Fungi From Chile As An Alternative For Sustainable Agriculture.es_ES
cf.beneficiario.actividadeconomicaCultivo de hortalizas en invernaderos y cultivos hidropónicoses_ES
cf.beneficiario.razonsocialUniversidad de Concepciónes_ES
cf.beneficiario.tamanoempresaGran Empresaes_ES
cf.comite.nombreComite Innovaes_ES
cf.costo.tipomonedaPeso Chilenoes_ES
cf.ejecutivo.nombrePatricio Villagran Streeteres_ES
cf.proyecto.instrumentoGo to Market 2013es_ES
cf.region.postulacionVIII Biobíoes_ES
cf.region.ejecucionRM Santiagoes_ES
cf.region.ejecucionVIII Biobíoes_ES
cf.region.impactoIII Atacamaes_ES
cf.region.impactoIV Coquimboes_ES
cf.region.impactoIX Araucaníaes_ES
cf.region.impactoV Valparaísoes_ES
cf.region.impactoVI O'Higginses_ES
cf.region.impactoVII Maulees_ES
cf.region.impactoVIII Biobíoes_ES

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